Testimonials for A New Wrinkle

5.0 out of 5 starsA wonderful book, It will help us all age with grace and dignity

I love this book. It tells so much about aging, growing wise and having a sense of humor in the process. There is no need to be glum about growing older. Dr Shapira shows us through his vast experience with older people that getting older can mean getting better. I look forward to the wrinkles now.

Jack McKinnon Garden Coach, Pescadero, CA

I LIKE not acting my age! This book told me it's OK! 5.0 out of 5 stars

As a recent and early retiree (age 62) I sought the wisdom of those who preceded me to the "secrets" of living life fully despite being out of the mainstream. The title intrigued me. I found useful information I can use to deal with my aging mother and also a guide to making the most of life for me and my wife now and in the future. The book offers a peek into the author's private life, both personal and professional, cementing his solid credentials. Following Dr. Shapira's sound advice portends a winning future.

Michael L. Adler, Monticello, IN

4.0 out of 5 stars A most worthwhile book on aging

A New Wrinkle: What I Learned from Older People Who Never Acted Their Age -- This is a heartfelt and informative look at aging from the perspective of a man who is a professional in gerontology and a student of his own experiences. The reader learns a variety of important perspectives on aging and caring for aging parents. I found it to be a most interesting read. Buy one for yourself and send one to a friend!

Nancy Margulies, Montara, CA

On Being Well Informed While Aging Gracefully 5.0 out of 5 stars

Using his extensive professional and personal experience, Dr. Shapira navigates us through the inevitable waters of change as we age, and that change is not only good, but necessary. This can mean constant reinvention, without defining ourselves by what we do, but by who we are. He does this by starting out with a short autobiography, before offering helpful hints and useful tips on aging gracefully and healthfully.

Getting older is nothing to be alarmed about. This is comforting to know, especially for the Baby Boomer generation, who are not only experiencing the effects of aging themselves, but are often caregivers for elderly parents. In Shapira's view, no one ever need grow "old", the definition of which has always had negative connotations in our culture. Instead, we are to celebrate our wrinkles AND our lifelong inner child. Interspersed with jokes and poems, there is anecdotal advice on heritage, health and nutrition, careers, care giving, sex, faith, and the process of dying, covering all of the bases. He even writes about internet dating! An easy, informative read, and a must for anyone who is aging...which includes everyone.

D. Wong "WongsWay", Half Moon Bay, CA

Thumbs up for A New WrinkleGood enough to buy two!

I started reading the book and was fascinated with Dr. Shapira's story. After a phone conversation with my older brother, I realized that this book would be perfect for him. I bought one for him, too. This books is an easy read that gives great insights and perspectives on what we are all doing every day... Aging.

Monique, Pescadero, CA

Thumbs up for A New Wrinkle

This is a book full of wisdom and humanity which shares a vast knowledge of midicine, love, and aging. It is a pleasure to read and learn from Dr. Eric Shapira

Dr. Pamela Butler

Eric Shapira goes beyond providing excellent information on aging. He invites us into his world, sharing personal stories from the prespective of a thoughtful gerontologist, a son of aging parents and a man exploring his own aging process.